Intelligent Chemical Technologies

Technical Services


Technical Support

We offer the best technical support and service in the industry with unique flexibility, speed and adaptability for the various projects and requirements in processing plants around the world today. IntelliChem Technologies strive to be the best at understanding client requirements and needs while combining them with process improvement and cost optimization.

Field Trials

Each different chemical in the IntelliChem Technologies product line is expected to excel in performance, both technically and economically.  Field trials and tests provide assurance of ongoing performance for the specific application. It also assists in determining any additional parameter involved in the process. 

Research, Development & Testing

Our Research, Development & Testing Laboratories are staffed with a number of Ph.D. Chemists, Engineers and Technicians with formal training and expertise in chemistry, chemical engineering, product applications and new technology development.


We provide expert consulting on process additives and chemicals  for a number of applications. Before you use a chemical additive, consult with us whether it makes sense to use it.  We often also evaluate chemical additive applications to ensure there is no overdose or excess use incurring in unnecessary high costs and inadvertent negative downstream process impacts.