Intelligent Chemical Technologies

Chemical Technology Products

Emulsion Breakers


Water in Oil or Oil in Water phase separation can be improved in speed and effectiveness using our advanced line of custom blended emulsion breaker products.

Solid Dispersants


Suspended solid dispersants for process applications is used to eliminate solids depositions.  Our line of custom designed dispersants addresses all process needs.



Foaming in different solvents and processes can be improved in terms of break speed and effectiveness using our unique line of advanced custom antifoam products.

H2S & Mercaptans Scavengers


Removing H2S & mercaptans can be challenging.  Our specialized line of different chemicals and scavengers can address all the specification requirements.

Corrosion Inhibitors


Corrosion inhibition in a number of processes can be improved in terms of asset protection and cost. Our line of corrosion inhibitors addresses all process needs 

Cleaning Agents


Cleaning agents used for hydrocarbon removal from surfaces, soil & water is a requirement for several facilities. Our super surfactant blends address all cleaning needs.